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About Us

We are a family-owned and operated heating and air conditioning business located in Avondale, Pennsylvania. Chelsea has been serving the area since 1972 and remains one of the largest providers in Chester County. Our team consists of 20: expert mechanics, installers, service engineers, project managers and customer service staff, who are all experts in the many aspects of heating and cooling technologies and equipment. From custom new construction homes to in-home replacements and repairs, we work with builders, contractors and home owners all over the tri-state area.

Our Geothermal Experience

Chelsea has been installing and maintaining geothermal systems since 1978 and stands at Chester County’s forefront in the installation of this innovative technology.

A geothermal system produces extemely high levels of efficient energy because a geothermal heat pump only uses electricity to move heat; not to produce it. A geothermal unit typically supplies four to five kilowatts of heat for every killawatt used. Three to four of these kilowatts of heat come directly from the earth itself, and are clean, free and reusable. For more go to our geothermal page.

Chester County Press article about Chelsea's Geothermal journey.Click here to read...


Geothermal systems tap the constant temperature of the earth in order to provide heating, cooling
and hot water. Your home stays comfortable all year round while trimming your energy bill up to 80%.
And by taking advantage of new federal tax credits that won't expire until December 2016 (check with your state), you’ll also save 30% - on your TOTAL installation.


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